Why should I regularly have my gutters cleaned?

So many problems can arise from having blocked gutters and down pipes. If there is muck and debris in the gutter and the outlet, the rainwater will sit still instead of running away as it should. This can result in rotten roof felt and timber fascias. The gutter may also come away from the fascia due to the weight of the water inside.

The water has to go somewhere. If there's a bad run on the gutter or the union has sagged, the water may tip over, either running down or splashing onto the base of the wall. If the run is good, the water will head towards the outlet. If there is a blockage here, which is the most common problem, it will leak over the side or through the joint in the bend. The water will usually run down the outside of the down pipe until it comes into contact with the wall via the bracket. This can also happen if there is a blockage in the pipe, drain or soak away.

In all cases, the result is DAMP WALLS. This can be serious, as insurance companies often refuse to pay out on this type of problem. Exterior walls dry out but extensive repairs may be required if the damp gets through to your plaster, paint and flooring inside which it eventually will if the water keeps running.

G C S use the latest gutter cleaning technology, the NEW GUTTER VAC. We can efficiently clean gutters and downpipes upto 60FT without the need for ladders or expensive hire equipment, therefore passing the saving onto you, the customer.

Gutter Cleaning

GCS offer a professional and affordable gutter cleaning service. We can make a noticeable difference to your roof and gutters helping to prevent flooding and water damage to your buildings and possessions. We help all sorts of clients including offices and industrial buildings. Our specialist staff are all fully trained to high standards so we can guarantee a high quality service.

We have over 20 years experience in gutter cleaning and all of our staff are fully uniformed in signed vans. We also provide full raise assessments on all jobs.

Our system removes all soil and mulch from your gutters so when were done they will look brand new.

Gutter Vac

Our Gutter-vac system can provide a reach of up to 60ft which sucks debris from your gutter which is then disposed of by us. We will ensure competitive pricing and the highest cleaning standards for your gutter cleaning, gully cleaning and downpipe cleaning in all areas of uk.

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