Covid -19 Sanitisation System

Covid -19 Sanitisation System for internal and external surfaces.

Disinfection of any area where people may come into contact with Covid-19 is key to being able to reduce and eliminate the spread of this nasty highly infectious disease.
For people to venture out from the safety of their home into the workplace, or any area where other people may travel or visit, it is crucial that they feel safe in the knowledge that the area they frequent, has been sanitised on a regular basis.
GCS have addressed this important issue by offering external spraying and internal fogging systems for the professional cleaning contractor.

GCS Thermo Fogger

GCS Thermo Fogger works on a tried and tested engine principle, of propulsion of rockets, running on regular petrol. A fuel/air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and the deflagrations oscillate a column of gas in the resonator pipe. At the end of the resonator, the fogging mixture is injected into the air stream emerging at high velocity, and dispersed into fine aerosol droplets, which are distributed into an extensive, dense fog.
The Thermo Fogger, allows operatives to work independently, and move quickly without the need of an electric power source, to rapidly fog internal areas with Vanoquat, which has passed the EN 14330 test against Vaccina (Covid-19) and can be legally recommended for use against human Coronavirus.

Thermo FoggerTM is suitable for Sanitising:

  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Airports
  • Taxis
  • Hospital areas
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Domestic Buildings
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • External Areas

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